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Ambassador News

The students at IICSN are the real Ambassadors for our school. Join with us in celebrating their triumphs as we share our good news and post the latest announcements here.

AdvancEd Accreditation

The vision of AdvancEd is to create a world of opportunities for all learners. In doing this, they lead and empower the education community to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. Like Innovations, AdvancEd shares the passion we all feel for educating our students and helping each of them to develop leadership skills.

We are very proud to bring you a high quality of education where we utilize current research, technology, teacher best practices, and active learning to help your children each day. With our families and teachers working together, we are confident your child will learn and achieve great things. Thank you for your confidence in us.

Aviation Comes to Innovations

AOPA recently accepted Innovations to participate in its aviation training for 9th grade students. This is the beginning of a four-year course for incoming freshmen to help prepare them for jobs in the field of aviation. For more details regarding AOPA and the curriculum, please review the following AOPA informational article. We are very excited about this partnership and the opportunities it will open for our students!

Victory Garden Enhances Student Learning

Click to view more photos of Victory GardenInnovations’ elementary students are anxious to begin their second year in the Victory Garden, an outdoor, interactive science classroom. The Victory Garden is a living laboratory established and maintained for and by students and staff members. It encompasses planting boxes, greenhouse growing, hydroponics, aquaponics, and a koi pond. Our school garden is an amazing outdoor classroom and living science laboratory. Students grow their own food, investigate and observe living biomes with insects, fish, human, and plant interactions. Students at all grade levels explore sound, weather, nutrition, varied biomes, insect life, social studies, math, art, language arts, responsibility, and gardening skills each day as they work with the fruits, vegetables, cacti, flowers, and much more.

Each week, approximately 600 elementary students, staff members, and family members work and learn in the garden. Students germinate seeds, observe and document growth seasons, and plant their seedlings in one of the many growing beds throughout the garden. Cross-grade level learning with science buddies takes place quarterly as students use the garden to observe, touch, and research project-based learning. Examples of this learning shows a development of seed paper, research and informational text on the scientific investigation of the koi pond, and much more.

Each year the garden is open, students learn about planting seasons, the effects of weather on the life cycle of plants, and how to prune/harvest the vegetables and herbs growing in the garden. As the students become more entrenched in their outdoor classroom, literacy, vocabulary, speaking, and observational skills have increased in development and sustain learning on higher levels of problem solving. As students harvest the crops of herbs and vegetables, students, staff, and families eat what they grow – making our “Seed to Salad” plan very exciting for all.