Innovations International Charter School of Nevada (IICSN) is a public, tuition-free K–12 school located in downtown Las Vegas. We founded this school and designed our educational philosophy to serve the individual needs of our students. We want to be your partner in education and invite you and your child to join our learning team.

Here at the home of the Ambassadors, we believe all children can learn. We work hard each day to help our students succeed and achieve by providing a strong academic base. Students at IICSN have the opportunity to explore their world and develop important life-skills as they participate in our many programs. Take a look around our website; we’re sure you’ll like what you see.

Now Enrolling for 2021–2022!
Grades K–12

Our Mission

Innovations International Charter School provides a safe learning community, empowering responsible citizens for life.

Educating for Life

From Our Founder

As someone who has dedicated an entire career to working within a public school system, it is my greatest honor to continue to do so in the charter school world. From the day a child enters kindergarten to the day he/she graduates, the key to education is that every child has a chance to learn, succeed, and rise to greatness in the world.

It has always been my belief that our children are the greatest gift and achievement of our lifetime. It is critical that we take time to listen to them, watch their development and milestones, no matter how small, and let them know that we believe in them and will catch them when they stumble. As we age and look back on what we've done with our lives, nothing will matter as much as the lives of the children we have touched.


Dr. Malin

Dr. Malin
Chief Educational Officer