ambassador dragon logoThe mission of the IICSN Athletics program is to provide avenues that allow our students to grow in strength and prosper academically. Participating in school sports is an excellent way to develop focus, endurance, and friendships. We believe that participation in athletics provides students with balance and a wealth of opportunities and experiences as they develop important life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship skills.

Sports Programs

We are pleased to offer the following sports programs for both boys and girls:

  • Flag Football - Elementary Boys
  • Basketball - Elementary, Middle School, and High School Boys and Girls
  • Volleyball - Elementary, Middle School, and High School Girls
  • Soccer - Elementary Co-Ed Team
  • Soccer - Middle and High School Boys
  • Track - High School Boys and Girls

The following are leagues in which Innovations participates:

  • VAC
  • NIAA
  • NCAA

Uniform Fees

We require participating students to pay a $25 uniform fee. All students in the sports program must purchase their own uniform from the school in order to participate in the league events.

It is mandatory that students at the middle school and high school levels complete a sports physical before participating in their chosen field. Please contact the school by calling (702) 216-4337 for more information.