College and Career Awareness

Preparatory Academies

Innovations offers College and Career Awareness Preparatory Academies (ICCAPA) as learning opportunities related to professional careers that may be of interest to our students. Students within Innovations International Charter School of Nevada may select a program of study at the end of middle school as a path for creating an awareness of career opportunities relative to the fields of study for which a student may have an interest.

Innovations’ College and Career Awareness Preparatory Academies (ICCPA) provide specialized educational services to our students. Through the use of these specialized services and with the incorporation of school-based tutorial services, students can master the core content and accountability measures mandated for high school graduation while investigating additional courses leading to certifications and/or college preparatory work. Each student has a personal education plan used by families, students, and the school’s staff to plan and maintain an academic roadmap for all students.

Please see below for additional information on each of our academies.