Ambassador News

The students at IICSN are the real Ambassadors for our school. Join with us in celebrating their triumphs as we share our good news and post the latest announcements here.

Flu Season

It is that time of year when our families begin to show signs of the seasonal flu. The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can be mild or cause serious illness. Some people such as older people, young children, and people with other health conditions are at a higher risk for serious flu complications.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage all of us to consider getting a flu vaccine this flu season. If you want more information, please speak with your family doctor. The school would like to see as many people as possible escape the flu this year as we are still fighting COVID-19 and do not want to see any harm done to our families or staff members.

Please remember to stay safe and stay home if you are ill.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences will take place on Thursday, October 15 and on Friday, October 16. Report cards will be available during this time. Our faculty really values this opportunity to share good news about the many ways the children are growing and to collaborate with parents to improve their learning. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy work days to participate in these important conferences.

Continued COVID-19 Update

The Southern Nevada Health District has put out a document for COVID-19 preparedness and response for schools. This document reminds us that universal public health strategies reduce the risk of disease transmission in schools and other community settings. 

Please see the strategies listed below. 

  • Minimize the number of people who come into contact with each other
  • Maximize the physical distance between people 
  • Reduce the time that people spend in close proximity to others 
  • Implement measures to minimize dispersion of droplets by using face coverings and covering coughs and sneezes 

While information changes frequently as to the effectiveness of these strategies, schools are being asked to follow them in order to keep our students, families, and staff members safe. Innovations are providing distance learning at this time, but we will observe these strategies by the school once we are all together again. Please help us by helping your children to understand why these are so very important for us all. Thank you.  

Actualización Continua El Distrito de Salud del Sur de Nevada ha publicado un documento de Preparación y Respuesta al COVID-19 para las escuelas. Este documento nos recuerda que las estrategias de salud pública universal reducen el riesgo de transmisión de enfermedades en las escuelas y otros entornos comunitarios. 

Consulte las estrategias que se enumeran a continuación. 

  • Minimice la cantidad de personas que entran en contacto entre sí 
  • Maximice la distancia física entre las personas 
  • Reducir el tiempo que las personas pasan cerca de otras 
  • Implementar medidas para minimizar la dispersión de las gotitas usando cubiertas faciales y cubriéndose al toser y estornudar. 

Si bien la información cambia con frecuencia en cuanto a la efectividad de estas estrategias, se les pide a las escuelas que las sigan para mantener seguros a nuestros estudiantes, familias y miembros del personal. Innovations está proporcionando educación a distancia en este momento, pero la escuela observará estas estrategias una vez que estemos todos juntos nuevamente. Ayúdenos ayudando a sus hijos a entender por qué son tan importantes para todos nosotros. Gracias. 

Friendly Reminders

We are very honored to have you invite us into your homes each day we work with your children. We are asking our teachers to be prepared, look and act professionally, and work with your children according to the schedules listed.


Please have your children ready, awake, dressed, fed, and ready to learn. Help your child to have as close to a regular school day as possible. Please also remember that we can see and hear what happens in your home, so please help us to help your child have a positive learning experience. 

Meal Service

Innovations has become one of the points of service for our children’s breakfasts and lunches each day the school is open. We serve meals from 7:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. at the Oakey Campus only. City Impact students may pick their meals up at Oakey as well. Pull your car through the staff parking lot, go to the end of the school (last door on the right of the main building), and we will bring you your food. Please give us your child’s name and student ID number so we can track the meals we have served. If you have any questions, call Mr. Carlos Ramos at (702) 216-4337 option 1. 


As you and your child look at his/her schedule, it may seem that the child is only going to school four days per week. This is not true. Your child is attending school each day Monday through Friday. Mondays are days we are using to get extra help for our students. This is the day we are assigning pre-tests in all subject areas to see what your child knows. These are mandatory tests that will help the teachers to plan for powerful instruction throughout the week. Please do not help your child with these, we want to see what your child knows. These tests are then given at the end of the week again to measure growth over the course of the week. If you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher for more answers.

High School College & Career Awareness Preparatory Academies

Be sure to visit our College and Career Awareness Preparatory Academies page for information about learning opportunities related to professional careers! We are enrolling now and space is limited. Join our high school. Navigate our aviation academy. Complete our first responders academy. Investigate our cyber security academy. Explore our technology academy. Reach out to us for our course descriptions and let our staff help you enroll. Call us at (702) 216-4337, option 2.