Ambassador News

The students at IICSN are the real Ambassadors for our school. Join with us in celebrating their triumphs as we share our good news and post the latest announcements here.

Registration for New School Year

We are continuing to re-enroll and register students for the new school year to begin in August. Please make sure that you are completing this process with the ladies in the office so your child to guarantee to hold his/her seat next year. Many people have begun moving from local schools to charter schools as they are seeking individualized instruction for their children. Please don’t wait until we fill all seats to complete the process.

High School College & Career Awareness Preparatory Academies

Be sure to visit our College and Career Awareness Preparatory Academies page for information about learning opportunities related to professional careers! We are enrolling now and space is limited. Join our high school. Navigate our aviation academy. Complete our first responders academy. Investigate our cyber security academy. Explore our technology academy. Reach out to us for our course descriptions and let our staff help you enroll. Call us at (702) 216-4337, option 2.