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Governing Board Members

Charter Schools in Nevada are public schools funded by the state, but set up by a committee with the desire to provide an educational experience that better meets the needs of students and their families.

The Governing Board of Innovations is a governing body of community members who take responsibility for: (a) governing the school, (b) maintaining oversight of the school and its personnel, (c) supervising the management of the school's operations, and (d) supervising/approving the school's fiscal responsibilities. 

Recent Board Meetings

Meet Our Governing Board Members

Dr. Leann Putney

a picture of governing board member Dr. Donnell Bayot

Dr. Donnell Bayot

a picture of governing board member Mr. Lorne Cramer

Mr. Lorne Cramer

a picture of governing board member Dr. Nicole Klimow

Dr. Nicole Klimow

Ms. Yvonne Lopez

Dr. Rebecca Nathanson

Dr. Lonnie Wright

Dr. Steve Barnson