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Elementary School


Fostering a lifelong love of learning from day one. 

Innovations offers a rigorous, relevant curriculum based on the Nevada Academic Content Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Our vision is to have every student enrolled given the opportunity to experience STEAM learning through the use of elective classes, exploration classes, and hands-on learning. The general practice is that students are promoted to the next grade level at the end of each school year. Progress is to be continuous and student advancement through the curriculum should be according to the student’s demonstrated ability rather than the student’s age or years in school. 

Each student’s learning needs must be assessed, and provision made for these needs. Adjustment of the curriculum to meet individual student needs will be a continuous process and not a midyear or year-end consideration. Students must be motivated to progress as rapidly as their ability permits. Teachers are to be alert to every student’s social and academic needs and provide appropriate learning situations to meet them. Parents/guardians are to be informed regularly regarding the level of work being done by their children.

Elementary classes typically include:

  • Literacy
    • Reading/Writing/Speaking, and Listening
    • RIGGS Phonetics Program
  • Mathematics
  • Science
    • Aerospace, Aviation, and Technology Related Explorations Classes
    • Virtual Reality Lab Experiences
    • 3-D Computer Explorations
    • FOSS Kits
  • Social Studies
    • Geography
    • History
  • Library
  • Art 
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Aerospace and Aviation Explorations

What My Child Should Know at the End Of...

It is important to know what your child(ren) will be learning each year. Please look over the information outlined for each grade level for what is considered mastery at the end of the year.

Grade Level Sight Words