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High School


Innovations seniors are prepared to succeed in college, career, and beyond as they select elective classes in technology-based education and accumulate mandatory credits for graduation throughout their high school careers.

Innovations offers a rigorous, relevant curriculum based on the Nevada Academic Content Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Our vision is to have every student enrolled given the opportunity to experience STEAM learning through the use of elective classes, exploration classes, and hands-on learning. The approval of Assembly Bill 288 made significant changes to high school graduation requirements for students living in Nevada. These changes are to be phased in with four End of Course Exams, two in math and two in English Language Arts. The state has transitioned to these new requirements over the past few years. The noted changes are aligned with the Nevada Academic Content Standards and are designed to ensure all students are college and career ready. 

To graduate from Innovations International Charter School, students must still complete the 21st Century Course outline. Beginning with the Classes of 2017 and 2018, students must take and pass the new End of Course Exams as an element of graduation requirements.

The End of Course Exams are now part of finals as given in the following classes:

  • Algebra I or a state approved equivalent course
  • Geometry or a state approved equivalent course
  • Integrated Math 1I or a state approved equivalent course 
  • Integrated Math II or a state approved equivalent course
  • ELA – English 10 or a state approved equivalent course 

Courses and Credits

High school students are classified by the grade level they are entering or have just completed course work for advancement. However, parents often want to note whether their son/daughter is on target for graduation. The following helps parents to see what their children should be accomplishing each year. This is meant to be a guideline for the student and parent to stay on track for high school graduation.