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Drone Squadron

Following the adopted Drone Legends curriculum, our students will explore the magic of drones.

Our drones curriculum is designed to blend science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) with relationship building, communication, and team building skills. Students will explore all facets of drone flight through hands-on activities and interactive labs. The Drone Legends curriculum incorporates artificial intelligence to make drone flight unique and engaging. This learning style is the foundation for career preparedness and future success. 

Innovations International Charter School of Nevada is proud to be partnered with Drone Legends for our drone curriculum.

K-2 UFO Drone

This unit of the curriculum introduces basic concepts of team work, flight, observation, and flight-specific vocabulary. Students will engage in physical activity, simple coding, problem solving, simple mathematics concepts, and communicating with artificial intelligence.

3-8 Tello Drone

At this level, students learn to integrate STEAM fundamentals with flight using missions to accomplish tasks. All mission topics are based on real-world drone applications, and students will problem solve the best possible solutions to complete their mission. These topics include engineering, aerial photography and video, visual-based coding, coding using loops, functions, and variables, and drone piloting. 

9-12 FPV Initiator

Students in this unit of drone education more fully explore real-world precision drone operations. Interested students will have the opportunity to participate on the school's competitive drone racing team using virtual and real-life interactions. While piloting the drones in this unit, students will wear VR goggles that provide a flight simulated environment from the drone's perspective. This enables the student to be more accurate and have a quicker reaction time to the surroundings during flight.