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Robotics Squadron

utilizing the adopted nextwave stem curriculum, our students will immerse themselves in the wonder of robotics.

Our robotics curriculum is designed to blend science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) with relationship building, communication, and team building skills. Starting as early as kindergarten, our students will learn to code robots with precision and purpose. Advanced robotic study will help students to understand the fundamentals of engineering through the exploration of real-world problems and to develop higher level coding skills in preparation for future success in technology related careers. 

Grades K-2

Code and Go Robot Mouse

The Colby mouse helps students learn to use button-based code to make the mouse move through mazes in sequences and to create loops for a coding-themed game. Students will use problem-solving skills to "debug" incorrect code when Colby does not complete the maze. Students will also have the opportunity to integrate math and language arts skills and to complete hands-on activities while building foundational coding and robotics skills.

Grades 3-8

mBot Robot

The mBot robot helps students bring coding to life. Students will use block coding to track and follow a line, respond to sound, flash light, and complete a series of robot tasks. They will make the robot travel set determined distances while controlling mBot's motions. Students will also program and use the ultrasonic sensor to detect and avoid obstacles. Interested students will have the opportunity to participate on the school's competitive robotics team. Innovations' First LEGO robotics team competes on a state level with hundreds of schools across the valley.